Who am I?

It's me, Jane. I'm a 20 year old queer woman in college studying STEM, who's hard of hearing/a deafie, a lil anxious sometimes but I get past it. I love 1960s vintagey things but also kind of like new-wave 80's synth stuff, and grungey dark things too. I want many tattoos, and am currently saving up for one on my forearm based on Ellie's from The Last of Us.

What's the plan for this site?

Well, usually things are ever evolving. That's the beauty of things. That reminds me, I want a tattoo of a finch for Darwin, lol. Not FOR Darwin, I'm sure he wasn't the greatest bloke at the pub, but I mean he was one of the founders of evolution bruh. Anyways, I really just want to blog and have a collection of things. Plus HTML is kinda cool I guess, I remember learning it like 6-8 years ago on Tumblr. I'm not expecting anyone to look at this site and enjoy it as one would enjoy an aesthetics blog or mystery thriller site. I like looking at sites that have little bits and pieces of people's personalities all over, or little journal entries that make me feel like my thoughts are more normal, or at least, that we're in the same boat. Feeling close to people through a screen is something only the internet has brought us, and it's truly unique. Will historians and psychologists look back in 100-200 years and analyze us like we analyzed those in the World Wars and beyond about how our minds are irreparably changed and subsequently damaged by, well the masses of online hate? Obviously they're not comparable in terms of levels of severity, but I think they're somewhat comparable in terms of generation distinctiveness and attitude. Idk, when I think about my mortality I get sad, obviously lmao, I cried in the car about it the other day while listening to Lil Peep bruh. I don't want to die, but I mean at one point I think I will. My grandma talked about it before, coming to terms with how much time you have left, and how you don't even want to see what's left because you're so tired and have fulfilled so much already. And your kids are grown, your grandchildren are grown, you're almost a great-grandparent, you're satisfied. Fuck I'm crying again. I want to die with my partner at the same time. I don't want to die alone.