Journal Entries

24th December, 2020

Today was pretty okay. Day's not over. I suffer from migraines almost on the daily, so while driving I was trying to sit and move my head in different positions to find comfort in some way, fighting off the inevitable pain that will come either today, tomorrow, or some other day. It's always in the back of my head, behind my eyes. One day a medication will be invented where I won't be in discomfort or pain and can actually live normally. Anyways, I got a beautiful acoustic guitar. Made up for some crappy stuff my father did, but I know he didn't mean harm. Gifts don't really make up for things, but he didn't have ill-intent in the first place, so I'm letting it slide. It's not even worth typing out what it was, I should let it slide from my memory. I almost cried from it, and I feel pathetic from it, but I shouldn't feel pathetic for my own emotions. I am human, and I am allowed to have emotions. Anyways, I'll be heading back to my own house soon to finish off the day and finally have some peace with my new beauty, and take a hot bath and soak off the day. Hope everyone stays safe. I don't believe in God, but I do hope for safety and health for the patients and families of those suffering from COVID. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas.