Hello Weary Traveler

A Place for Sacred Thoughts

How have you landed across this page? Either you know me, or you don't. But if you do, ooh this is real awkward. And if you don't, I mean it still kind of is but less so because well, I won't meet you. Parasocial relationship and all that. Anyways, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to click around. This place is really just to dump my own thoughts in one collective space, like a damn bullet-journal but not limited to an actual 200 page paper journal and being upset that I suck at drawing and it not being perfect. Am I merely pretending to be interesting like everyone else is in this social media climate, or do I actually harbor interesting qualities. The best compliments I get are the ones where someone calls me complex or confusing. Is that normal, or do most people go for that? Are we all shyly and coyly thinking we're interesting when we're really not? Or do we really just need to surround ourselves with people who actually like us. I think I need some better self esteem, lol. I'm okay. I don't want to be seen as someone looking for the quirky title. It's such a sin on the internet. Why do you think I've made a fucking website instead of going to tumblr or twitter lmao. anyways. let me be my quirky self, brain. I don't want to get flamed online for just trying to be myself and accidentally being cringy. Accidents aren't allowed to happen these days.